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December 20, 2005

We have all been sick this past weekend. Tis' the season right. We had the flu. We are doing better now. Thank you for all the well wishes. We are also going to be on the new Dec 27th @ 5 or 5:30 on channel 4. We will also post the news cast on our web site for those of you that don't live in Utah.

December 16, 2005

Kendra and Maliyah are sick again with a kidney infection the flu. Last night they started throwing up about 7:00 20 more times later they are doing better. I also got the flu, so my wonderful mother in-law Pasty took Kendra and Maliyah to the doctor. They got urine we should know tomorrow or the next day what kind of bacteria. They are having more and more kidney infections. That really scares me.

December 07, 2005

Great Great Great news... We potty train Kendra and Maliyah. Good job girls!!!!!

December 05, 2005

We are trying very hard to potty train Kendra and Maliyah. They are doing great with it. We are hoping that the Doctors are wrong and they will be able to be potty trained. They are so smart. When we were doing Family Home Evening tonight, we were talking about special gifts that we could give Jesus for his Birthday. Each child told us something and than we got to Maliyah she said that she would give him socks. Jesus is always barefoot in everyone of his picture or with sandals. What can you say she is very kind hearted.

December 01, 2005

We aren't done updating the web site. We are going to change some things. I am going to do that tonight.

November 30, 2005

Alyssa Kate and Emma Grace.. These are very special friends that we meet because of our web site. Please pray for them. Please e-mail me when you can. I will be thinking about your family. Kendra and Maliyah are starting to do a lot better. Their IVs are having problems so the nurse is coming out to our home a lot more. It is wonderful that we can have them at home. When the nurses come to our home the girls just start crying and telling them "that they don't want shots". I just cry. I wish that it wouldn't have to hurt them so bad. In church a couple of Sunday ago they were talking about hero. I think the hero in our lives our truly the children that have to face so much in their lives. They show so much courage. What a joy and a privilege it is to be their mom.

November 29, 2005

I thought I would update today because Kendra and Maliyah have been sick. The day before Thanksgiving we had to take them to Primary Children's Hospital. They had a very NASTY kidney infection. WE almost had to stay at the hospital, but I talked the doctors out of keeping us. So the girls are at home with IV's in and we are giving them antibiotics in their lines. They are starting to feel better. It was so hard see them going through that sickness. We took them for their yearly testing. Kendra and Maliyah did such a good job. They did have to be sedated for the testing. I saw the CT after and nothing had changed. We had a wonderful lady that wrote on our web site that she had conjoined twins. I just wanted to ask her if she would like to e-mail me. Thank you very much for all of the best wishes.

November 21, 2005

I really love to write on our web site. Anything that has to do with the surgery WILL be me and my husbands decision. In the guestbook is just for good wishes. We really don't care about anyone's ideas about conjoined twins being separated. We will do what WE think is best for Kendra and Maliyah. We really don't have to explain anything to anyone. We love our children more than anyone will ever know. Its really interesting how some people can tell you what to do, but have never had to face something like are family is facing. When you have children/child with special needs your WHOLE family goes though whatever that person is facing. All we ask for is prayers. Thank you Erin

November 20, 2005

We are doing great. Life at the Herrin's is very busy. We are going in for testing in a couple of weeks. I am very worried about. The girls have to be sedated for the tests. Than we are going to meet with all of the Doctors. We think that this year will be the year that we are going to separate Kendra and Maliyah. They are going to be four on the 26th of February. Kendra is making her wish a couple of weeks after Christmas we are going to Disney World. It will be so much fun for them. I just hope that they can ride on a lot of the rides.

October 27, 2005

Saturday is Courtney's 6th Birthday. We are just going to have some of her friends over to watch movies. Kendra and Maliyah are doing great!! I think that they are going to start walking soon. They pulled themselves up on the refrigerator. They are just amazing. Justin and Austin are laughing and cooing. They are so strong.

October 18, 2005

We had a great time today... We went to "The Wishing Place". It was wonderful!!! Maliyah got to edge in a glass star... I am so tired... It takes us all day to get ready to go someplace with all five kids... We are also going to be taking the three older kids to Florida... We want to go to Disney World.... We will be doing that sometime in January... We are trying to put together the Care Conference with all the Doctors for the last time... We can't keep trying to discover if they will ever be separate... We just want them to be healthy and happy little girls... We have that... I would really like the girls to be separated, but more I just want them to be safe... Please keep us and the Doctors in your prayers.. We need an end to the question.. Will Kendra and Maliyah EVER be separated????

October 17, 2005

Sorry I haven't updated in such a long time... Life at the Herrin's is just insane!!! WE are loving ever minute of it... We are such lucky parents.. Courtney is having a lot of fun in kindergarten... Kendra and Maliyah are doing great in preschool... Justin and Austin well are eating, pooping, and sleeping, all in that order... We finally finished the basement... Maliyah's wish was finally granted... I can't tell you all how wonderful the Make a Wish foundation is.... Maliyah wish was for a castle... The castle is 7 1/2 feet tall and 8 feet wide... It has a slide and a ramp so that the girls can get up and down it easily... It was such a magical day... I love to say that Maliyah's wish really did come true... We are going to be putting some updated picture on the web site soon... We are also going for Maliyah's star raising ceremony tomorrow... We will be getting Kendra's wish ready soon...

August 31, 2005

Courtney just started kindergarten today... She was so excited that she meet a new friend... Kendra and Maliyah will start preschool on Sept. 6th... I am so tired.. I am really glad that they are all going to be in school... Maybe I can get a nap... What I have two more at home, so probably not.. Justin and Austin are doing just great.. Growing like crazy.. Just is 8 lbs 5oz and Austin is 7 lbs 2 oz... We were just in the news this last week... Check out in the news...

July 27, 2005

Look at our new pictures.... They are so cute!! Erin

July 10, 2005

Sorry we haven't written for awhile... Justin and Austin are home from the hospital... We are so busy!!!! Tomorrow is going to be just me taking care of five kids... I am going to go crazy.. I will get used to it I am sure.. Kendra and Maliyah are doing well.. When we brought the boys home from the hospital we let Kendra hold Justin first, Maliyah than said I want to hold him.. Kendra told her that she was to little... It was so funny!!! Courtney can't get enough of the babies... We are so happy to finally be a family...

June 16, 2005

Justin and Austin are doing great... They are up to full feeds... They are almost ready to go into a open bed.. They look identical, but we still aren't sure.. Justin and Austin now weigh 3.14 and 3.8 they are so perfect. We are such lucky parents...

June 14, 2005

Some pictures have been posted. There's no a whole lot of Austin because he went to his isolette before we could get any good pictures. Everyone is doing great. The boys had to be under the lights for jauntis, but other than that they're doing really well. Erin will probably come home today, but she might ask the doctors for another day, she's still really sore and doesn't want to leave the boys. The girls love their baby brothers. They're so excited for them to come home.

June 12, 2005

Erin had the twins Friday night. Her uterus was ripping so we rushed her up to the hospital and they did an emergency c-section. If we would have been 15 minutes later we probably would have lost all three of them, but everyone is doing great. Justin Erron Jeffrey Herrin came out first and he weighs 4 lbs 4 oz and just over 17 inches long. He needed a little oxygen and a CPAP, for about the first 12 hours, but now he's not on anything and he's doing great. Austin Jacob Lamar Herrin was born seconds later and weighs 3 lbs 8 oz and 17 inches long. He immediately did really well, despite being significantly smaller. Hopefully they'll both be coming home in just a couple weeks. Erin is doing well, she was in a lot of pain at first, but says she's starting to feel a lot better. We can't believe how good of outcome this is, but how close it was to being a huge tragedy. It is truly a miracle. Erin will probably be coming home on Tuesday. Thanks to everyone for their support and prayers. We'll post pictures when we get a chance.

June 05, 2005

We had a very neat thing happen yesterday... The twins climbed up the stairs and my parents house... It was the best thing... They are doing so great... I could never ask for more.. Erin

May 30, 2005

Sorry it has been so long sense I have undated... We are all doing great.. I am 31 weeks pregnant the boys are growing wonderful... Last week we had a BIG scare... I was at home by myself and started having what I know now was contractions... I though that I had a UTI... I was in so much pain that I called Jake(he had taken Kendra and Maliyah to their Dr appointment) and told him that I was in a lot of pain... I drove myself to the hospital... They put me on the monitors and I was contracting every 4-5 minutes.. They check me and I was 1cm and 50%.. I called Jake, he had turned off his cell phone... They told me that I was going to have to deliver the babies and try to get a hold of anyone that could come and stay with me.. They gave me an hour and I finally got a hold of him and his mom.. They gave me meds to stop the contraction after all of that time being sooooo worried... The Lord was watching out for us that day... The babies are still safe inside me and growing well.. Thank heavens!!!! Kendra and Maliyah are pulling to standing.. They finished there first preschool year and had a program... They knew all the songs but wouldn't sing... They just stood up in their wheelchair and said "hi mommy".. It was really cute... They are taking some classes this summer.. I hope that it keeps them busy... Thank you Grandma Pasty for taking them to and from those classes... Courtney just finished her last year of preschool... I cried it is really hard to see my little ones get bigger and bigger.. She is already for kindergarten... Her teachers told me that she is a science wizard... She loves it!!! Jake is hard at work getting the basement ready.. He is just finishing up the sheet rock this week... I am thinking that the basement will probably be done before the twins are born.. He is working so hard on it... Thank you Jake!!! The kids are fighting so I have to go... Thank you for visiting.. Erin

May 06, 2005

The last couple of weeks have been so busy.. We just found a company to make a bike for Kendra and Maliyah.. We thought the bike was going to cost about $800 dollars and we were dying... This company is going to buy us the bike and it is only going to cost $70 dollars... BIG DIFFERENCE!!!! Kendra and Maliyah are having there first preschool program on the 16th of May.. That is also their last day of school... Courtney is having her last week of school at the end of this month.. This is her last year of preschool... She is going into kindergarten.. Jake is working on finishing up the downstairs... It is almost ready for sheetrock.. I had a growth scan today for the baby boys.. They measured baby A and he was 2 pounds 8 oz and baby B weighed 2 pounds 9 oz.. They are getting really big.. I only have about 8 weeks to go before we will meet the new editions to our family... Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers!!!!

April 20, 2005

I am now over 25 weeks pregnant.. The boys are doing great.. They are growing well... Courtney is doing great.. She just had a really big growth spurt and none of her pants fit in the length... Kendra and Maliyah are doing sooo well in preschool.. They are growing so great... They can eat a TON!!! Maliyah is off of her NG tube and holding her own.. I don't think that we will have to start using that again, but time will tell... We just are doing great.

April 10, 2005

It has been really quiet this last little while. The girls are feeling a lot better... Courtney had a talk today in Primary. She did a really good job. Jake it really working on the basement trying to get things done... We need to make room for the new babies... I only have 12 weeks left... It is really going by fast.. I hope Jake can work fast to. Erin

April 01, 2005

Sorry I haven't been writing lately. I have been really busy and VERY TIRED... Kendra and Maliyah have been really sick this last week. Kendra was having a hard time breathing so we took them up to the ER. When we got there she seemed to be doing a lot better. They haven't been able to go to school this week. They have been really sad about that. We will let you know how things are going in a couple of days.

March 11, 2005

Great news!!!! Kendra and Maliyah went pee pee on the potty. We are so proud of them.

March 05, 2005

We updated the pictures. Some are of their birthday party and some are of their first ride on the bus. The one of me is when I am 18 weeks pregnant with our new set of twins. Hope all is well with everyone.

March 03, 2005

Kendra and Maliyah just finish their first week of school. They had such a good time playing with friends and riding the bus. I was very nervous that I wasn't going to make it to their first day of school. I was in the hospital with a kidney infection. I got out on Sunday night and they started school on Monday. Their first day of school we took them. When we got to school they wanted us to leave. Then on their second day of school we had the bus come. They were very scared when they lifted them up on the wheel chair lift. Courtney and I rode the bus with them on the way to school. Than my dad came and got us from the school. They get home and they are so tired that they eat lunch, get their diaper changed and go to bed. They are so easy going little girls. We are lucky. I took some really good pictures of the girls getting on and off the bus. Courtney is really having a great time with mom when the girls are at school. I think she loves having time with me by herself, and I love being with her. She is a joy to be with.

February 25, 2005

Tomorrow is Kendra and Maliyah's 3rd Birthday!! I am in ah of how big they are. They are so smart!! We are having a party for them tomorrow. They are inviting two of their friends. We are so blessed. On there first birthday they were really sick. They were in the ICU on vents. We try and make every birthday something fun to look back on. Courtney is doing well in school. She also just started dance again. She loves it. Watch out Utah Jazz Dancers here she comes!!! She has been telling us a lot lately that she doesn't want to grow up. The new twins are growing very well, so far so good. Jake has come up with some names for the boys, Arin Justin Herrin and Jacob Austin Herrin (Call them by their middle names). He really want to use my first name. We will see who wins:) We are going to be starting our basement soon. We need more space for our family. Make a Wish will be coming over and do a room for Maliyah. She is excited to have her playroom. Everything will be made so that she will be able to get around easier. Make a Wish will be sending are family to Florida for a week for Kendra. We will probably be doing that in November, after the babies come.

February 18, 2005

We had a great appointment today with the team of doctors. We are going to be waiting another year for Maliyah to get bigger. We also are grateful for that because we need to have our twin boys first. Everything worked out!!! We are just going to go "Forward in Faith" and we know that we will be guided. We are very luck to have such wonderful doctors on are side, that want the same things that we want. We are in good hands!!! Keep praying that Maliyah will be able to grow strong enough to withstand the operation and the dialysis. We are lucky parent!!!!

February 17, 2005

We haven't updated in a while. Everything is going great. Kendra and Maliyah are starting preschool on the 28th of February. We have a big meeting with the doctors and the whole team on Friday. I will let you all know what happens. Courtney is doing well. She is such a big help to us. She is going to be starting kindergarten next year. She is very excited for that. I am 16 weeks pregnant and everything seem to be fine there also. The boys look great. We will update more later.

February 07, 2005

We just found out today that we are having boys. Jake is so excited!!! I am a little nervous because I have never taken care of boys before. We are now a true LDS family!!!!! Kendra and Maliyah are having a hard time. They have been throwing up in the mornings and half way through the night sometimes. We called the Dr. and they are going to be giving us some medicine to help with the problem. Maliyah is on NG feeds at night. Kendra is the only one that is throwing up, so we don't really know what the problem is. They don't have the stomach flu or anything like that. Its so hard to tell sometimes what it could be because of their conjoinment. I just hope it goes away soon.

January 24, 2005

A very funny story happened yesterday. Courtney, Kendra and Maliyah were all playing together. We heard crying so Jake when in to see what happened. Jake brought Kendra and Maliyah out and they were cry and saying "Courtney kick our butts". We couldn't help but laugh. Our children are the best entertainment. They are also getting used to nursery (its their class at church, we are LDS). Maliyah doesn't cry anymore and Kendra loves it. They are also going to be starting preschool on the 28th of February. They will ride the school bus to their school. I think that they will love it. Courtney's hair is growing fast. It is really cute. We are starting to get Courtney ready for kindergarten with shots and other things. We enjoy reading all of the supportive guestbook entries. We also love hearing from you that have conjoined twins or separated conjoined twins. Thank you for all the support. Erin

January 20, 2005

I had to go to the hospital yesterday because of bleeding. Everything is fine. I just have to rest and try not to pick up Kendra and Maliyah to much. That is going to be really hard. We put some recordings of the girls singing there favorite songs. We will record Courtney's tonight. She was having a sleepover with her grandma last night. We are all doing so great. Thank you for all the prayers.

January 17, 2005

Just wanted to up date the web site. Had a great appointment today with my OB. The twins look great, both have strong heart beats. We had a wonderful family night tonight. Each one of the girls sang a song and than we made a cake so that we could have a pretend birthday party. Kendra was throwing up a good pit of the day. She has also been having so REALLY bad back aches so I going to have to call the orthopedist tomorrow and make an appointment. She just screams. Maliyah is doing great. She wipes Kendra's face off after she throws up. They are so cute together. They take such good care of each other. Courtney is doing so well also. She is meeting new friends everyday. She is so nice to be around. She is trying to figure out what is real and what is not. She is so great and cute. We still need to put a new picture on our web site of her new hair cut. Can you please remember Kendra in your prayers because of her back. It really worries us. I have another ultrasound on Friday. I will let you all know how it goes.

January 11, 2005

Thank you so much for those nice words that everyone has written. Kendra and Maliyah are doing great. We are going to record them singing their favorite songs and put it on our web site. I can't remember if I put this on my web site or not but Courtney cut her hair on January 1st really short. Marley Jake's sister fixed it so it is really cute. She saved the day!!! I have been really sick with this pregnancy. Jake is hoping that they are boys. I just don't really care all that much. I just want them to be really HEALTHY and easy going. What can I say I can only take so much. I just want them to sleep through the night as soon as we bring the home from the hospital and be fast eaters like Kendra. Wishful thinking I'm sure.

January 07, 2005

We are still in shock and going to the doctor on the 12th to visit with my OB. We are also going to be having the care conference on Feb. 18th at 4:00 with all the surgeons and doctors. We have wonderful doctors and a great hospital. Thank you so much for all the kind words that you have sent us and some of the wonderful advise. Please keep it coming we need a lot of support. Pray for us. Thank you all.

January 04, 2005

I thought that I would update our web site sense we have such big news. We found out that we are pregnant again with fraternal twins this time, so they are in separate sacs. That is a blessing in itself. We were planning on separating Kendra and Maliyah this year. The doctor said that they would be big enough and it would be safe enough. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO???? We are so worried because more than likely I will be order to bed sometime within my these 7 months. We need to know the future so that we can make the right decision. We are really beside ourselves thinking that this is really happening. We need to try to focus on Kendra and Maliyah, but it so hard to try to make that decision now. We had already made up our minds and now everything has changed. This kills me because I wanted the separation done and also their reconstruction before they started school. That just seemed that would be the best and the most normal life. I just don't know what to expect now. We are already so tight with money. As you can tell we have so much to worry about. I am starting medicine to help keep me from going crazy. We need some word of enlightenment, any ideas?? Please pray for us this is very HARD.


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