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December 29, 2007
12:56 PM

Merry Christmas to you all!!! This month has been so busy. Kendra and Maliyah go to a singing group on Wednesdays, they have had many performances. Courtney is dancing with a team Monday and Wednesdays, she also had many performances. The kids had a wonderful Christmas getting everything that they wanted and also recieve something from some of you, Thank you. WE have sad news to report, Courtney is having surgery on January 4th, she has two large hernias. Sadly Courtney is very excited to have the surgery. I think that she wants Mommy to wait on her like I did with Kendra and Maliyah. I will give her everything that she needs. I hope I can spoil her!! Kendra will be going in on the same day as Courtney for D-flex injections. That will be much easier than Courtney's surgery. Justin and Austin are getting alot bigger. They are talking up a storm. I have been feeling bad lately because I really don't want my little ones to grow up. Each of them are perfect the way they are right now. What else can I tell you all? Oh, yeah I went skiing yesterday for the first time in 13+ years. I have forgotten how much I love it. I was a little nervous about it and might take me time to get use to it, but it was fun. Jake decided that he was taking the week off work. Its been great having him home with us, sense the kids don't have school. Allie is doing great too!! She is so spoiled, she can't set on anything that isn't soft. Like if we are having a family movie night she has to set on the couch with the kids. She is alot of fun when we go sleighing in are backyard. She loves to jump on with the kids. She is getting to be more and more less like a puppy which I am grateful for! Jake's mom broke her leg slipping on the ice. Poor Grandma! She has about 3 more weeks. I am doing great with one kidney. Maliyah's kidney is working well too. She has had alot of infections this last month or two. I have been really worried about her. The more infections she gets the more it scares up the kidney. Which scares me. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a have a Happy New Year. WE love you all and stay safe. The Herrin's

December 03, 2007
01:14 PM

Sorry for taking so long to update. We've just been crazy busy and tired and probably just lazy lately. All of us got the stomach flu last week, it was horrible. Kendra got it first, then a couple days laters Erin, Maliyah, Justin, and Austin got it. Then I got it a couple days after that. Courtney's the only one that got through scott free. Courtney got baptised on Saturday. We're so proud of her! We'll get pictures posted soon. We just moved our computer and everything has been a wreck with our basement getting done, so we'll try and get those up. But everything is going good. We had to put a feeding tube back in Maliyah, because the stomach flu really put her out and she got pretty dehydrated. But she's doing a lot better now. We'll leave it in for a while though until she's eating better. We're getting ready for Christmas. It just comes too fast.

November 04, 2007
11:50 AM

We took Maliyah and Austin to the BYU football game yesterday. Austin loved it. He was yelling at the game, clapping, and dancing to the music the band played. He even started singing "We will, we will, Rock you." Maliyah liked it, but was more concerned about her nachos and hot dog than the game itself. BYU's mascot, Cosmo the Cougar, even came up by where we were sitting and gave the kids high-fives. After that, Austin had to know where he was at all times. He even yelled angerly "Right There!" at Maliyah when she asked where Cosmo was. It was hilarious.

November 02, 2007
09:46 AM

The funniest thing happened yesterday. I went and got the kids from school and Maliyah started by telling me, mom I'm telling the truth. I wondering what she was talking about. Than she said that Mathew and Me love each other. That is a boy in her Math class at school. I laughted. Than Courtney told me that Mason in her class love to hug her in lane because it makes her laugh. Than she said Hunter tried to kiss her and she pushed him away. Way to go Courtney LOL!! I taught you well. Things are going better and better at our house. We are almost done finishing the basement YAY!! That has been one large project. Kendra is moving up from the walker to her crutches because the PT think she is strong enough. Maliyah is going from her wheelchair to just her walker at school. I order several months ago walkers for the girls and still haven't heard if they had come in and the old ones are breaking. I need to put that on the long list of thing to do today.

November 01, 2007
10:11 AM

The kids had a great time last night. The boys especially. Finding out they could go knock on a door and get candy just amazed them. We just hope they don't go and try to do that any other day. Justin didn't want to wait to eat his, he would try to bite through the wrapper. He is such a chocoholic. It's tough to try to get him to eat other things since he's tasted chocolate. Justin dressed up as a construction worker and Austin a Police Officer. Courtney was Princess Jasmine, but to go trick-or-treating, had her face painted to be "dead Jasmine". Kendra and Maliyah both wanted to be Princess Genevieve, so they were. But Kendra also had her face painted to be "dead Genevieve". It was fun, but a lot of work when you have 4 little ones to help trick-or-treat. We'll try to get pictures in the next couple days. Also, the kids' cousin Lucas, is having surgery on the 8th to have a tumor removed. Please pray for him. Thanks.

October 31, 2007
11:06 AM

Happy Halloween! Courtney had a great birthday. Mom and the girls went to the Hanna Montana concert on Saturday. Sadly we could only get 4 tickets, so dad was stuck home watching football, darn it :-). She then had a sleepover with her cousins Sunday night. The kids didn't have school Monday or Tuesday. They get to dress up for school today. We'll get some pictures of them in their costumes. Everything else is going great.

October 26, 2007
02:01 AM

Today we were invited down to a football practice at BYU. They started a new program called "Thursday Night Heros" where each Thursday they bring in a family who have special needs children and recognize them. They had the entire team gather around us after practice and presented us with a football helmet signed by the team and a team flag for each of the girls, which was then signed by each player and coach. Then they asked Kendra and Maliyah to sign their flag that they carry out onto the field every game. They said that it was the first time someone other than the players and the coaches had signed the flag. And that it meant that the girls are also part of the team. Kendra proudly wrote her name on it, though Maliyah was a little timid, so Dad had to write her name for her. They told us that the girls are their heros and that they inspire them. We were in tears and even some of the big 300lb lineman were in tears. They all gathered around us and we all put our hands up and everyone shouted "GO COUGARS!" Then every one of the players and coaches came and shook our hands. We got some pictures with some of the players and coaches, and a few of the players interacted with the girls for quite a while, including the starting quarterback, Max Hall; starting safety, Quinn Gooch; and star Linebacker, Brian Kehl. Feshman runningback Ryan Love sat out with us for quite a long time after everyone else had left. His little twin sisters, who are K&M's age, were born with a lot of problems, so I think he just wanted to be around the girls because he misses his sisters so much. This was an amazing experience, right up there with their Make-a-Wish wishes. It is amazing the way this team is trying to give back. They say that athletes shouldn't be role models, but these young men really are and should be. The coaches put the priority on making the kids better people and football is secondary. That is the right way to do it, if only there was more of that. You just always hear about the greedy athlete or when an athlete breaks the law. But these guys do things the right way with little to no publicity. There were no cameras, just one very small BYU publication reporter. We were huge fans of the team before, but that has grown tenfold. We'll try and get some pictures on tomorrow. GO COUGARS!

October 24, 2007
02:01 PM

We updated the pictures so take a look. About the book, we are writing it for our family mainly, but want to share it with as many people as want to hear it. We want to write it before many of the thoughts and feelings around the surgery are forgotten. We don't care if we sell 100 or a million copies, we just want everyone who may be touched or inspired by our story to have the chance to read it. It would be so much easier for us not to with as crazy as our lives are, but we feel almost obligated to our family and everyone who has prayed and supported us to share our story with them and keep it for our family history for generations to come. There is so much more to our story than has ever been written on this website or in any newspaper. Thanks to everyone pledging their support in us doing this. We didn't realize how many people still follow our website, but it really reaffirms to us the need to write this story.

October 22, 2007
02:08 PM

I think everyone's over the bug that went around our house. Everyone is doing fine. Thanks for all the kind words and support about our idea of writing a book. We've decided to try and write one. But don't worry, we won't be doing it all ourselves. What would help us a lot is if we can get a list of names and email addresses of people interested in the book. This would help us show publishers the interest our book would have and also it would allow us to send information about the book to those who want it when it is released or close to being released. Please go here and signup if you are interested in the book Thanks for all the continued prayers and support.

October 17, 2007
09:26 PM

We have alot to report. Maliyah has been in the hospital for the last several days. She was throw up and not able to keep anything down. I guess its Justin's turn. He caught the bug. We had Parent Teacher Conference a couple of days ago. All the kids are doing very well. Maliyah is doing better on her hand writting. Kendra is mastering the walker. She only using her wheelchair for art. Courtney is working hard on reading, but I am sure she will get the hang of it soon. Justin and Austin are still just being two. They have learned if you put alot of toilet paper in the toilet water will come out. So they can play in it. We are wondering if it would be a good idea to write a book? Would some or all of you would email us your idea of what you think. If it works out we will be giving your letter to the publish. So go ahead and tell us what you think. Thanks

October 11, 2007
10:55 AM

Nothing new to report. Everything is still going great. The girls are doing so well in school. They are excited for Halloween.

September 17, 2007
04:27 PM

The girls' school is going great. They love it. It's just hard for Mom and Dad to keep up with all their homework. Nothing really new to report. With it being so crazy, we've got behind on doing physical therapy with the girls, so we're trying to get a system and a schedule so we can get everything done everyday, but it is a challenge. And having the boys be such handfuls doesn't help the situation either. But it's a lot of fun and we wouldn't change it for anything.

August 29, 2007
12:58 PM

The girls had their first day of school yesterday. Erin dropped Courtney off, but she wouldn't let Erin leave. She had a hard time but once she was there for a little while she did good and liked it. She has a lot of friends in her class from last year. Kendra and Maliyah did great. They were so excited to start school and the good thing was that many kids already knew who they were. It's going to be a lot of work, but it should be a good school year and it gives Erin a much needed break during the day, when the girls are at school and the boys take a nap.

August 21, 2007
04:56 PM

We went camping over the weekend and had a great time. Courtney, Mom, and Dad did the whitewater on the river and had a lot of fun. The girls spent most of their time digging in the dirt, finding bugs and trying to catch fish with a net at a little pond. Mom, Dad, Courtney and the boys hiked up to a beautiful waterfall. Dad and Courtney almost got stuck when we climbed down to it. It started pouring rain and the hill got really muddy. We're excited and scared for the kids to start school next week. We're just trying to get everything ready. Thanks for all the wonderful comments about the video.

August 07, 2007
11:55 PM

I just added the video to the Photos section. Check it out!

August 07, 2007
12:42 PM

Well, it's the one year mark today. We're very excited. This time last year it was just a whirlwind of emotions and one of the happiest and saddest days of our lives. I don't think we could have ever imagined things going as well as they have. There has been little bumps along the way, but it's miraculous how perfect things have gone. We're so thankful to everyone for their prayers and kind words. We feel like we've made thousands of friends from all around the world and wish we hand a chance to meet everyone. Maybe we'll have to do a world tour :) We feel so blessed every day with how fortunate we've been and our hearts go out to those that haven't been so lucky. We're so happy that now our girls will be able to live separate lives and be able to accomplish anything they want to in this world. The doors are wide open for them and we know they will make the best of it. We're so proud of our other children as well. Courtney is such a good example and the girls want to do everything like her. Justin and Austin are so happy and fun loving, we know that they will grow up and makes us very proud. We want to thank all of our close family and friends for all the support and help they have given us. We never could have done this alone. Thanks again everyone and watch for the video that we will post later.

July 30, 2007
01:34 PM

The girls did great at church yesterday. We took the walker again (we only have one) and Maliyah pushed it a little ways and got tired, but she was so determined to try. Kendra made it all the way from the car to the chapel, which is probably 50+ yards, without help. Then from the chapel to her class, another 30+ yards. The people at church were amazed to see her just walking in the hall with everyone else and at normal walking speed. Maliyah is getting less scared standing on her crutches and Kendra stood for well over 100 seconds last night. As for prosthetics, we'll let the girls decided if and when they want them. Most people we've heard from say that the kind they need are very heavy and cumbersome moving and they usually prefer just to use crutches. So we'll see. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. And no, Alli did not get up on the top bunk by herself. We put her up there, the kids like to play up there with her.

July 26, 2007
05:14 PM

We just added some new pictures. The girls have been making huge strides with their walking since we've been working with them daily. Kendra was able to stand on her crutches without help for 35 seconds and Maliyah 16 seconds. Maliyah gets really scared though, but she's getting better. Kendra took 5 steps by herself(R-crutch, L-crutch, foot, R-crutch, L-crutch). Maliyah hasn't taken any steps herself, she needs more confidence first. But it's great to see daily improvement and see the girls motivated to do better. We are planning a little party for family and friends for the one-year anniversary of their separation. It will probably get some media coverage, so we'll let you know where to look for it. I'm working on a video for it, and I'll probably put it up on youtube when I'm done. Thanks to eveyone who's prayed and supported us this past year+. It's amazing to see how far we've come in such a short time. It really has been a miracle.

July 23, 2007
01:03 PM

The girls have been making progress with their walking. Both girls were able to stand without help on their crutches for a short time. Kendra took her walker to church instead of her wheelchair, and was able to walk around church without much help. She still needs to get stronger because she gets tired easily. Maliyah was excited for her and asked if she could use her walker at church next week. We told her she could if she works really hard to get stronger and practices. So hopefully she'll now have more motivation to do it. Everything is still going great. To those that say we shouldn't make the girls do things they are scared of, the girls would have absolutely no experiences if we did that. They wouldn't have their wonderful dog that they love, they used to be terrified of dogs. They wouldn't jump on the trampoline, which they love to do. They even used to be afraid to ride in the car. They don't have the opportunity to run and jump like other kids, so a lot of things that go fast scare them. But if we get them to overcome their fears when they are younger, then they will have a lot more fun and be able to do more when they are older.

July 11, 2007
04:55 PM

We took the kids to Lagoon yesterday (a local amusement park). The first ride we went on, an airplane type ride, I took Maliyah kicking and screaming. She didn't enjoy it at all. They went on a few other rides and did a little better. Hopefully they get more brave over time. Courtney went on the big roller coasters with us. She was scared but brave, and actually liked them after. We're so proud of her. The boys went on a few little rides with mixed reactions. They went on the baby boats and after taking 2 turns, threw tantrums when they had to get off. We also took them to the waterpark and had a lot of fun. Maliyah's appetite is a little better, we think she just had been sick. But everything's going great.

July 05, 2007
12:53 PM

We took the kids swimming at a family party yesterday and then did fireworks last night. They had a great time. Since we've tapered off Maliyah's steroids, she hasn't been eating as well, so we have to push her quite a bit. She was sick on Sunday and Monday, but seems to be doing better. So far it's been a great summer, and we're planning a camping trip later this summer.

June 20, 2007
04:57 PM

Just added new photos. We had a bit of a scare this week. On Monday when Maliyah went to transplant clinic, they heard a Heart murmur. So they ordered an echocardiogram for the next day. But her heart looks fine. Everything is going great. Maliyah is still eating and drinking well, but her appetite has decreased since her steroid doses have gone down. But she's able to eat enough to keep her feeding tube out. The boys have definitely started the terrible two's. It should be a very fun summer. We don't know if we'll be able to get away or not. We're too scared to leave since the rejection episode. But we're planning on going camping with the whole family sometime soon.

June 13, 2007
02:43 PM

The boys had a fun birthday. We had a little family party on Friday and then they got a slip and slide and the kids played on that and a little pool. The girls are taking a cheerleading class this summer and love it. I haven't seen them, but I hear they do pretty well at it.

June 05, 2007
12:38 PM

Maliyah got her feeding tube out! She is eating more than any child in the house, almost enough to drive us crazy by her saying "I'm hungry" every 2 seconds. But we can't complain since the opposite is much worse. She's doing a great job taking all her medicine by mouth. The only tough thing about it is getting her to drink 48+ ounces of water a day. But she does great if we give her drinks in 1 ounce cups, 4 per hour. Everyone else is doing great. It is Courtney's last week of school and she's done so great. Kendra's doing great. The girls are excited to start kindergarten in a couple months. The boys will be 2 on Sunday, we can't beleive how time flys. This time last year we were getting ready for the girls to go into the hospital and that seems like forever ago. Thanks again for all the prayers and support.

May 27, 2007
12:00 AM

Maliyah came home this morning! We went straight from the hospital to a private showing of Pirates of the Caribbean we were invited to. We had a great time. Maliyah's appetite has improved 1000% because of the steroids she's on, hopefully that will continue once she comes off. If so, maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Everyone else is doing great, we're just glad to be home once again.

May 24, 2007
12:33 PM

Maliyah's creatinine has come down a little, which means she's responding to the steroids. We don't know when she'll get to come home, but she's doing really well.

May 22, 2007
11:35 PM

I need to update the site. I took Maliyah into the hospital on Friday because she had a fever of 101. We met with one of the doctors, he wanted us to be admitted to the hospital to get IV fluids. I really wasn't very worried, I just thought it was maybe a virus. She did very well that night, but the very next morning she started to have terrible stomach pains. It was starting to scare me that something was very wrong with her. Maliyah's temp went up to 39.5c. So fast forward to yesterday. They went in and took some of her kidney to see if it was rejecting. We found out today that it's in acute rejection. Which means that they can save the kidney, but that it may have some scaring. We don't know when she will be coming home from the hospital. I am just asking that tonight say a special prayer for her, especially the little children there isn't anything in the world closer to the Lord that they are. This has been a very emotional day for me and Jake, but as they started the treatment you could tell right away that she started to feel better. I am very greatful that I went with my gut, because I know that it could of been alot worse.

May 16, 2007
04:28 PM

We went swimming on Saturday and the kids had a blast. The boys were kind of unsure about it at first, but then they started liking it. The girls would stay forever if they could. Everyone's doing great. Mom and Dad are thinking about a vacation away from the kids pretty soon, since the real crazy stuff is behind us. We just feel like we've hit a wall and need a little break. We're just trying to figure out where the perfect place would be.

May 07, 2007
02:11 PM

One more thing. Maliyah is starting to eat better, little by little. She is still very picky, so it will take some time, but she'll get there.

May 07, 2007
02:02 PM

Everything is going great. Sorry for the delay in writing. We will probably go back to writing when things happen, not at a particular interval. If you followed before the surgery, that's what we did. I understand people want to know the girls are ok, and we'll make sure to update if something's wrong or if a big event takes place. Just know that if you haven't seen an update for awhile, that we're just living our lives. Maliyah's doing perfect. They've just been playing with their cousins a lot lately. Erin is feeling like herself again. She's starting to pick up the kids again, but not overdoing it. No big plans that we're looking forward to and no major events have happened. Thanks for all the prayers and support. Things are just perfect right now.

April 25, 2007
05:45 PM

Everything still going great at home. We're trying to get Maliyah to eat better, but she's a stubborn little thing. So she'll probably have tubes feeds for quite a while longer. She got to play outside yesterday and you'd never know she just had major surgery 3 weeks earlier. Erin is doing great and feeling a lot better. She still can't lift the kids yet, but other than that she's just about back to herself. Everyone else is doing great and it's nice to be back to the normal chaos at our house.

April 22, 2007
01:35 AM

Maliyah came home today! We're so happy. She doing great. Her cousins came over to watch movies with her. She was so excited to leave, she woke up at 5am asking the nurse when she could go home. But She's finally home, but we just have to really make sure we're on top of her meds, labs and doctor's appointments. But she'll do great. Thanks for all the prayers and support.

April 18, 2007
05:05 PM

Maliyah went in today to get her dialysis catheter out. She's doing great, but they are still tuning her meds and feeds, so we're still not sure when she's going home. Erin is starting to feel better, but still sore and doesn't have much energy. Everyone else is doing great.

April 14, 2007
07:38 PM

Sorry for the delay in updating. Everyone is doing great. Maliyah is still in the hospital but doing great. They are just trying to get her meds, feeds and everything else balanced and figured out before she goes home. Erin is doing a lot better, but still sore.

April 10, 2007
09:52 AM

Make sure to watch Oprah today, as they will be doing something about the girls. Everything is going fine. Erin's starting to feel a lot better, but still really sore. Maliyah is able to eat now, so we're trying to get her to eat so she doesn't have to have that feeding tube again and she seems really intent on not having it. But she's not used to eating very much so it will be a challenge. But everything is going good and hopefully Maliyah will be home by the end of the week.

April 08, 2007
10:59 PM

Everything is going great. Erin came home today, but is still in a lot of pain. The kids got to come up to the hospital yesterday. Maliyah was very excited to see them. She is doing really well, hopefully she'll be home soon.

April 06, 2007
04:35 PM

Everything is going great. Maliyah is being moved out of ICU today. She is doing perfectly. Erin is doing so much better. She is getting up a little, but is still in a lot of pain. I had to stay home yesterday because I woke up with a terrible cough and I didn't want to get them sick. So it was nice to stay home with the kids. We went to the store, then got slurpees, then went to the park. It was nice and I think it made the kids feel like they got a special day with dad.

April 04, 2007
04:38 PM

Maliyah is off the ventilator and awake and pretty happy. She isn't in much pain and she is doing perfectly with her new kidney. The doctors are amazed. She wants to talk to Kendra, so we're planning on calling her later. Erin got to see Maliyah, but doesn't remember it. We're having some problems figuring out the best medicine to control her pain, but also keep her head clear. She is a lot like the girls in that regard and a lot of the same medicines that affect the girls certain ways, affect Erin the same way. So I have to try and remember what medicines the girls do well with so I can let the doctors know. But everything is really going good. Again, thanks for all the prayers and support.

April 03, 2007
09:48 PM

Everyone is doing great. Maliyah will have to be on the ventilator for a day or two, but all her labs and levels look great and she is producing tons of urine. Somebody took a picture of the urine that was collected from Maliyah and brought it to Erin, and Erin just cried to see that it was working so well. Erin's doing great, but she's having a hard time not being able to see Maliyah (They are in the same hospital but different floors). She's starting to settle down and get some rest. We can't beleive how perfect things went. Thanks for all the support and prayers, we know they worked yet again. We'll let you know how things are going tomorrow.

April 03, 2007
04:44 PM

Maliyah is done. They are transporting her to ICU. Everything went perfect. She is doing great and so is Erin. Erin has been in some pain but she's doing good.

April 03, 2007
03:36 PM

Maliyah is making urine! They are starting to close her. She is doing fine. I'm with Erin now. She's still pretty drugged, but she's doing fine. She is so worried about Maliyah, but I told her the news. I'm sure I'll have to tell her a few times though.

April 03, 2007
02:47 PM

Erin is done and doing great. She'll be in recovery for a little while and then moved to a room. The kidney is doing great. We haven't heard if it's produced any urine yet, but we heard the doctors feel good about what they have.

April 03, 2007
01:55 PM

The kidney is out and they're putting it in Maliyah. Everyone is doing fine.

April 03, 2007
12:49 PM

No Scar tissue and everything on Maliyah looks as good as they hoped! They are just waiting on Erin's kidney which should be out very soon.

April 03, 2007
11:34 AM

Erin and Maliyah both went back. Maliyah went back first and Erin held her while we took her down to the OR. We had to wake her up this morning, so she didn't talk much and she was probably a little nervous. She started to cry a little when we told her it was time to go, but then she was absolutely fine until she went to sleep. Erin did great, she got emotional when they have her some medicine to calm her nerves. They just barely started Maliyah's surgery and will probably be prepping Erin for a little while. The sent Maliyah first so that they could make sure there wasn't much scar tissue to get through, but they didn't think there would be.

April 02, 2007
07:30 PM

Well, we just got checked in the hospital and are getting ready for surgery in the morning. Maliyah is so excited. She has been telling everyone that she's getting her kidney tomorrow and that today is her last day at dialysis. Erin is a little nervous, but she's doing good. We'll try to keep everyone updated throughout and after the surgery. The girls have learned to pedal their bikes perfectly now and Courtney just got a new "big" bike. The boys are just their funny selves and talk more and more every day. Thanks for all the support and prayers.

March 27, 2007
04:13 PM

The surgery is scheduled for next week, but may possibly get moved back. Everything is going great. Maliyah is ready for it. It will be hard having Erin down for so long, but I know we'll get through it. It won't even be close to the hardest thing we've ever done. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support. We hope this will be the last big hurdle for awhile. We hope to get this over with so we can have a very fun summer, unlike last year. But we've come so far the past year, it's truly remarkable. The girls can't wait to start swimming and take swimming lessons. We'll let everyone know how the surgery goes. Thanks for everything.

March 13, 2007
12:21 PM

Everyone is finally feeling better. We had a meeting with the doctors yesterday and they will be scheduling the transplant the first couple weeks of April, depending on when they can get all the doctors together. They will have to take Erin's right kidney, so they won't be able to do it laparoscopically. But they say it shouldn't be too much different than recovering from a C-section, so we know all too well about that. They said that Maliyah is all ready to go and there shouldn't be too much of a problem fitting the kidney in her. She'll have to be in the hospital for a couple of weeks, mainly to make sure they have her anti-rejection medication adjusted correctly. She is so excited to get her kidney so she can go swimming this summer. Right now she can't be submerged in water because of her dialysis catheter. Everything else is going great. Kendra is peddling her bike so well now. Since it's been warm we've been spending a lot of time outside. K&M were jumping on the trampoline the other day, though they hate it when anyone else jumps while they're on because it makes them bounce too high. Austin is a maniac on his little ride on toy. He tries to crash into the curb and go fast on it. Courtney has been putting Justin in a stroller and taking him everywhere with her. He's like a little doll and doesn't make a peep. It's so funny how small he is and how big Austin is. Austin is almost as tall as Kendra when they are both standing. Courtney had another test and did so good on it. She only got 1 wrong again. We're so proud of our kids and how lucky we have to have 5 of the best kids in the world. Thanks to everyone for everything.

March 05, 2007
01:43 PM

Well the girls had a great birthday. They got their Dora bikes and love them. They are doing really good on them. We had a fun family party with them last Sunday night. They are so loved. We celebrated Erin's birthday this weekend, but she was sick all weekend, but felt well enough Saturday evening to go out to dinner. She still isn't feeling very well. Kendra has an ear infection, they gave her antibiotics that didn't work, because she's immune to some antibiotics. So we changed them and it seems to be clearing up. Still no specifc time on the kidney transplant. The doctor's are meeting next week to make plans about it, so we may know more then. Other than the sicknesses, everything is going perfect. We can't wait for it to warm up and get the kidney transplant over with it, even though it will be hard having to be at the hospital again. Thanks for all the continued support and prayers. We posted a few new pictures, check them out.

February 23, 2007
05:53 PM

Things going great. We're looking forward to celebrating the girls' birthday this weekend. We're trying to find them bikes, but don't know how well they will be able to peddle them. They tried some bikes at the neighbors house and did ok, pedaling them. It's just a matter of finding what will work the best for them, because they'll need a lot of practice to ride them well. I think we're all finally over our sicknesses. We'll probably post some more pictures after their birthday. Thanks to everyone who wrote to 20/20. We haven't heard from them yet, but if they won't cover it, we won't have much of a problem finding someone you will. Doing the media is a pain sometimes, but it gives the girls something to look back on and also gives others who are having challenges hope, so it's worth it. Have a great weekend!

February 16, 2007
01:46 PM

20/20 has decided not to cover our story anymore since we went on Oprah, this includes an hour long special they were going to do after the kidney transplant. Would everyone please write to 20/20 at and tell them you want them to cover our story. If we get enough people to email them, maybe they'll consider doing it. Thanks.

February 15, 2007
12:59 PM

Erin just had her last test, an CT Scan, and it looked good. She has to retake a few others ones, but the transplant is pretty much a go. It may take place in the next 2-4 weeks. Maliyah got an infection in her dialysis cathetor again, but is doing better now. Kendra has been having some pain in her side. They did xrays and can't see anything wrong. Everyone had a great valentines day.

February 08, 2007
03:42 PM

Everything is going good, but we had a round of a bug again. The boys have RSV, luckily they're old enough that it isn't serious. It just seems like a cold. Austin has an ear infection and Dad, Mom, Courtney and Kendra have had another round of the stomach flu. The girls just got their new wheelchairs. They like them a lot and can get around good in them. We're still trying to get the girls more physical therapy so they can get better on their crutches. Courtney got her report card and got all A's except for only 1 B+, we are so proud of her.

January 29, 2007
02:32 PM

Everything is going great. Hope everyone got to see the Oprah show on Friday. If you didn't go to and search for "Herrin twins", it's in 2 parts. Thanks to whoever posted it. The trip was fun, but fast. We flew out Monday, went through a run through of the show and then went to our hotel, ate dinner and went to bed. We had to get up very early to get to the studio, get ready, then do the show. After the show we talked to Oprah very briefly, then got our stuff ready and were whisked back to the airport. Courtney went with us and Oprah told her how beautiful she was (like she didn't already know! :)) We joke at how stubborn the girls are and how even one of the the most powerful women in the world couldn't get her to say four words. It was a good experience, but very tiring and we were just glad to be back home without any incidents. Everything is still just status quo. Kendra's wounds is about the size of a dime and looks like it will heal over any day now. Erin does her last test for the kidney transplant next month, then we'll know more about when it will be.

January 24, 2007
05:03 PM

Sorry we haven't updated for awhile. Things are still going great. We just wanted to let everyone know to watch the Oprah Show on Friday because we will be on.

January 15, 2007
01:07 PM

Everyone's finally over their sicknesses. We've taken out Kendra's feed tube and she's doing great. She almost has too much of an appetite and is always asking to eat. Erin's just finishing up the last few tests for the transplant and so far, so good. We don't have a date yet for the transplant. Everyone else is doing great.

January 08, 2007
05:40 PM

Everything is going great. The boys have still been sick, so they went to the doctor today and have rodo virus which has been going around. Hopefully it will pass soon. Maliyah has also been sick lately. She gets really dehydrated, but thankfully they are able to give her extra fluid from dialysis. Kendra is doing great and eating really well. We ended up putting her feeding tube back in, but she shouldn't need it too much longer. She went with dad to work while mom took the boys to the doctor. Courtney is staying busy with school and her friends. We just posted some new pictures, sorry it's taken so long. Thanks for the continued prayers and support.

January 02, 2007
01:15 PM

Well, we had quite the weekend. Mom, Dad, Justin, Austin, and Kendra all got the Flu. Trying to take care of 5 children, with more than half of them sick and mom and dad both sick is quite the challenge. Luckily dad's only lasted about half a day, everyone else's is still lingering. We had a fun New Years eve. All our family came over and played games and the girls got to stay up to ring in the New Year. Then dad took the girls (including Alli) sledding on New Years day. K&M were terrified, but dad made them each go down the hill once while we were there. Maliyah went first and she had fun, though she didn't want to go again. When Kendra went she screamed, until she realized it wasn't that bad, but didn't want to go again. Dad, Courtney and Alli then went, it was a lot of fun and we ended up going down half the hill backwards. The girls start preschool today, they are very excited. Kendra is done with the Hyperbaric chamber and just goes to the wound clinic once a week now.


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